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Fremont Friends NRA Banquet

Join us for the Fremont Friends NRA Banquet on June 5, 2015! Click here to download the flyer or click here to visit the website and purchase tickets online. The Annual Banquet will take place at the Abbey Event Center in Canon City.

Purchase your raffle tickets to win a gun safe and more--only 200 tickets are available, at a cost of only $50 each! Tickets will be drawn at the banquet, but winner does not need to be present. Click here for more info!

You can also purchase red, white and blue ticket packs to win pistols, rifles and more! Purchase a ticket pack before May 15, 2015 and get one free. The raffle will be held November 21, 2015 at Bass Pro Shop, 13012 Bass Pro Drive, in Colorado Springs. Click here to see what your gold ticket pack could get you on June 5 at the banquet!

See Mark, Mike or Nick at Lincoln Park Pawn, 1345 Elm, Canon City. Call 719-276-3030 for more info!

Check Out Our Checklist!


When things erode into total chaos, a simple Emergency Checklist can mean the difference between life and death. One of the hardest things to do when disaster strikes is to focus on what is truly important. There will be lots of distractions, lots of confused people and waiting on FEMA or government officials to show up and help is not much of a plan at all in my opinion. You can almost bet that they will show up late, ill-prepared, ill-tempered and completely disorganized.

We need something to focus our attention on what is important and what needs to be done. Emergency/Disaster Checklists should as a bare minimum include the following categories: clothing, shelter, water, food, communications, flashlights, tools, firearms, signaling devices, rain gear etc… Checklists should be both comprehensive, yet small enough to take with you. If possible they should also be able to withstand inclement weather as it most likely will not be warm and sunny when you need it most.

It has been said that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you choose to deal with it. I couldn't agree more with that statement as I have seen it play out hundreds of times. Those with a plan are miles ahead of those without. I also believe that you are only as good as you practice, so there is no time like now to get your checklist developed and get busy practicing with it just in case your family gets a knock on your door at 2 AM.

Protect Yourself!

Body Armor

Most places that you can go, such as out to dinner or to a movie are not going to allow you to bring your trusty sidearm in with you even if you do have a concealed carry permit. It's easy to be cavalier and say that you are going to do so anyway and admittedly I have done that a time or two myself. We each must decide for ourselves if the benefit of doing so outweighs the risk of getting caught. Sometimes it does and I completely agree with that sentiment.

However, there are additional options that you can take to help protect yourself and your family and one that I think every family should consider is Emergency Body Armor. Yes, some people might consider that to be paranoid, but just because you are paranoid doesn't also mean that somebody isn't out to get you either. Pretty sure everyone at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last year wishes they had taken Emergency Body Armor with them to the premier of the new Batman movie that night.

Our world has become an exceedingly dangerous place in which to live and it is sad to have to think about buying body armor for our children who are going off to school but as General Black Jack Pershing used to say, "If you forget about it today, it will remember you tomorrow." Don't let danger remember you tomorrow, think about it today and get your Emergency Body Armor before you need it.

Call today to get body armor for you and your family--protect those most precious to you!

(Mark Bunch is the founder and co-owner of Lincoln Park Pawn & Gun in Canon City, CO and is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and long term prepper.)

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